Tomika "Songbird" is an African American student at Horace Green Prep School and is a member of the class that Dewey Finn starts teaching as a substitute teacher under the name of Ned Schneebly (Mr. S). She becomes the second singer and a choir member along with Alicia and Marta in Dewey's School of Rock band.

Tomika is shy, soft spoken and insecure, especially about her weight,cos she has some serious weight problems!. When Dewey was asking for singers, she didn't speak out at first, and was made a roadie. But she loves singing, and when she spoke to "Mr. S", she impressed him enough that he swiftly gave her the role and even gave her a solo in their band song. Before the audition, she felt nervous about her physique and worried that people would laugh at her, but Dewey assured her that she was truly a rock star and everybody would love her, and he admits that he himself also has weight problems and that it's not a big deal.

When Dewey was exposed for posing as a teacher, the parents of the class students were outraged. And while the parents argued in the principal's office, and her classmates had disappointing feelings, Tomika remained supportive of "Mr. S". The class eventually decided to sneak out of school to get Dewey and compete for the concert they have been working hard for.

During the band's Battle of the Bands performance, she and her fellow choir members sang admirably, and the normally introverted Tomika amazed her parents at the concert.