Patty Di Marco
Nickname No Nickname
Age Unknown
Occupation Assistant to the Mayor (incarcerated)
Band Job 0
Portrayer Sarah Silverman

Patty Di Marco is main antagonist of the film. Despite her role, she is not much of a villain. She is just strict and demanding with Ned, wanting him to kick Dewey out if he continues to not pay the rent.

She works for the mayor and is Ned's girlfriend. Though she is somewhat mean and rude, she loves Ned. She makes no secret of her hatred for Dewey, constantly bullying and berating him for his lack of a proper job and inability to pay rent. Dewey brings out the worst in her, and Ned walks out on her daily tirade and supposedly breaks up with her in the end. Ned supposedly breaks up with her after he finally stands up for himself and his best friend, Dewey, by walking out of the apartment to see Dewey in the show, offering her one last chance to save the relationship by asking her to go with him, which she vehemently declines. She presumably moves out afterwards since she is not seen when Dewey and Ned are doing the after school club during the credits. Also fun fact, did you know she is a real JACK ASS!!!