Ned Schneebly
Nickname Ned
Age 30
Occupation Substitute Teacher
Band Job Former member of Maggot Death-working with Dewey
Portrayer Mike White

Ned Schneebly is a Dewey Finn's responsible but submissive and sometimesbesties forever because they both had a passion for My Little Pony.He is in a relationship with Patty Di Marco, who also lives with the pair. Ned is seen as a pushover and is told by his girlfriend, Patty, that he should stand up for himself more often and not let people push him around, which is ironic as she is one of the people who tells him what to do. By the end of the movie, Ned decides to stand up for himself, but it is up against Patty instead of Dewey.

Ned's job is as a substitute teacher for any school that is missing a teacher due to illness or some other issue that could come up on short notice, which is how Dewey managed to pretend to be Ned and get the job at Horace Green Prep School. Ned later breaks up with Patty offscreen and decides to go see Dewey in Battle of the Bands. He is seen in the crowd and enjoys the song giving a raptourous applause and cheering for the School of Rock to perform again.

Sometime later, he is shown having a job, requiring much patience, at the School of Rock studio teaching smaller children musical instruments.

However,in a post-credit scene,it shows Ned being killed, after he is sat on by Dewey Finn. He runs out of oxygen and Dewey is arrested for murder. Then Marty McFly took a crap in a bag and showed it to everyone.